Football Expo 2019

Football Expo 2019

21 Aug 2019 - 25 Aug 2019

Jakarta Convention Center | Jakarta, Indonesia

WEDNESDAY (Seminar Room)

(1-3 PM) Broadcasting & Media Journalism in Modern Football 

Speaker: Paul Dempsey (EPL Commentator), Hadi Gunawan (MNC), and Rais Adnan (

Facilitator: Tito

  • Broadcast and Media are the integral part of World Football Development. Through Digital connectivity our fans allowed to be connected with their football team
  • Broadcast and Media has played a very important role in Indonesia Football, as one of the biggest Football Fans Populated Country in the world 
  • The relationship between football and broadcasting continues in its renaissance as the sale of broadcasting and media rights is still one of the biggest sources of revenue in Football.
  • The visual experience of football broadcast that materialized through the screen goes hand in hand with the existence of media journalism in football industry. In this fast-moving world of media, football journalism has their own stage to attract its audience whether through online or offline.
  • Therefore, both broadcasting and media journalism in modern football establish a comprehension of time and space which is unique and different from many other topics for the audiences and the FA.
  • This workshop will be held at Wednesday August 21st 2019, 13.00 at Hall B, JCC Senayan, exposing the basics and inside secrets to successful live football broadcast and media journalism in modern football era that will be brought by Paul Dempsey as EPL Commentator, Rais Adnan from, and Hadi Gunawan from MNC.


THURSDAY (Olympia Room)

(1-3 PM) Football Integrity & VAR Technology 

Speakers: Kevin Carpenter (Genius Sports Expert), and EVS Expert (TBC)

Facilitator: Efraim


Football Integrity

  • Football integrity concerns the moral or ethical aspect of football itself. The ethical codes that prohibit behavior that damages or could damage football’s integrity, such as match manipulation.
  • The preventive act refers to those involved in football, including the organizations, players, coaches, and referees.


VAR Technology

  • In this new era of football, apparently VAR was designed to help increase integrity and fairness in the game. The VAR technology should provide the video assistant referees with the best camera angles in the fastest possible time in order to make correct and consistent decisions.
  • VAR technology is a designed and combined technology which needed to be studied and understood by all the Football stakeholders especially to all who has direct relations in football competition management. 
  • Given the fact that both football integrity and var technology hold important roles in football industry, many approaches has to be done in order to protect its integrity and express the wholesome and advanced football. The both topics will be brought into a workshop at Thursday, August 22nd 2019, 13.00, at Hall B, JCC Senayan, delivered by Kevin Carpenter from Genius Sports and an expert from EVS.


FRIDAY (Olympia Room)

(1-3 PM) Safety, Security & Fans Education

Speakers: Sam Chmayse (AFC Expert), Fans (Persija, PSS Sleman),

Facilitator: Alif Sapto Nugroho

  • Safety and security is a pivotal component of any successful event, match or tournament and affects everyone attending or participating in the event. Any mass sport event is not without its risks and challenges. Safety of spectators and all involved in the game should always come first. To uphold this principle, it has to be a good cooperation between national associations, clubs, stadium owners and managers, national and local authorities and police to ensure safe, secure and welcoming conditions for all football matches.
  • Furthermore, educating fans is necessary to keep their behaviors not contravene the rules and doing provoking action whether when the game is playing or not.
  • Fans as the core part of Football has been transitioned through digital transformation, as the core element of Football industry in Indonesia. Fans club development has become the most exiting element of Club management where different aspect of Fans & Community Engagement are being pushed to be leveraged to boost the popularity and revenue of football clubs 
  • The safety, security and fans education topic will be wrapped in a form of workshop, delivered by some speakers, from AFC Sam Chmayse and Persija and PSS Sleman fans representative at Friday, August 23rd 2019, 13.00, Hall B, JCC Senayan, covering the regulation and best practices on Football Safety and Security, how fans can be developed to contribute to support safety and security, and program and best practice of fans education around the world.


(3-5 PM) Product Design & Merchandising

Speakers: Mochtar Sarman, Eka Wati Wongso (Giordano)

  • Sport especially football is a great power throwing people together at once. As a result of this power, football fans have been identifying with their teams. Important indicator to identification with the team is buying a range of products of the team which are representing the color or other specifying points of the football team. In other word, fans have been stating their loyalty with using licensed merchandises belong to their teams. This feature has been had an important impact on social life and have gained popularity. One of the underlying reasons of the sports’ turning into a big industry is its social force.
  • Over the past few years, football club merchandising has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in the overall licensing business globally. Merchandising consists of product design and display, pricing, store layout, promotional events and all manner of other sales-driving techniques aimed at raising profit. The topic of product design and merchandising will be wrapped in a form of workshop delivered by Mochtar Sarman as COO of PT Desain Lisensi Internasional and Eka Wati Wongso from Giordano at Friday, August 23rd 15.00, Hall B, JCC Senayan.


SATURDAY (10 AM) Technical Group Discussion (IDN national team road to WCQ)

Speaker: Simon Mcmenemy (Indonesia National Team Head Coach), Coach Danur

Four ASEAN teams — Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia — were drawn into the same group for the second round of 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2023 AFC Asian Cup Joint-Qualifiers. Indonesia will take on Malaysia on September 5th, 2019 and Thailand on the next five days. Welcoming this most awaited games, Simon McMenemy as Indonesia National Team Head Coach and Danurwindo from PSSI will expose all the materials related to the preparation, the target and biggest challenge for Indonesia in World Cup Qualification, and what the stakeholders can do to support the team as well in a technical group discussion themed “Indonesia National Team Road to World Cup Qualification” that will be held on Saturday, August 24th, 10.00, at Hall B, JCC Senayan.


SUNDAY (Seminar Room)

(1-3 PM) Revenue Generation In Football

Speaker: Kenneth MacLeod (UEFA Expert), Yabes Tanuri (Bali United)

  • Like any business, revenue generating is a constant preoccupation for football club administrators. However, unlike businesses in other industries, the needs to generate income is not primarily motivated by a desire for profit but rather a greater desire to improve sporting performance. Greater income allows clubs/teams to attract better coaches and players, improve sporting facilities and/or purchase better equipment to improve results.
  • Commercial, Sponsorship, Match Day Experience are some of the element of Revenue Generation in Football. Football Fans and all relevant stakeholders should be able to understand how the revenue can be generated in which way or method and what are the effort needed to be done to achieve the goals
  • Several factors that determine how well can generate income include the entertainment value of the football, the extent of national and international participation, the cultural status attached to it. This gives football an extra dimension that attracts the media and results in a level of consumption that is unpredictable unlike any other business. The revenue generation in football workshop will be brought by Kenneth MacLeod from UEFA and Yabes Tanuri from Bali United, Sunday, August 25th, 13.00, Hall B, JCC Senayan.


(3-5 PM) Digital Marketing And Fans Engagement

Speaker: Richard Clarke (AFC Expert), Kenneth MacLeod (UEFA Expert), Feizel Noor Batcha (Genius Sports Expert)

  • Nowadays, digital culture has been growing tremendously in changing the way consumers behave and this is having a profound effect on the ability of a club to interact with the fans. Football clubs across the globe are realizing that the use of social media is the future in terms of improving and expanding their business, whether this be for marketing purpose or as a medium for directly communicating with their fans. 
  • To realize the best digital experience for the fan, football clubs must invest in these new digital capabilities and products now. The focus must be on delivering the best digital experience outside of the stadium in order to engage with hundreds of millions of potential global fans. The topic of Digital Marketing and Fans Engagement will be brought by Richard Clarke from AFC, UEFA Kenneth MacLeod, and Feizel Noor Batcha from Genius Sports Expert, focusing on the role of digital platforms in football, digital marketing contribution to fans engagement and Communication Strategy in Digital Promotion and Fans Engagement at Sunday, August 25th, 15.00, Hall B, JCC Senayan.

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